Artificial Intelligence

             Last night I watched Matrix reloaded on cable and began to wonder whether or not Artificial intelligence (A.I.) was actually possible in this day and age. And if it was would we as human beings would want to actually further that technology. After hours of researching on the web I came to the conclusion that before any judgment could be made, the following things should be taken into consideration. What Artificial intelligence really is, observing the history of the word and where it originated from, present technological advances with A.I. technology and where this type of technology is actually used, and where A.I. could be in the future.
             Evidence of Artificial Intelligence can be traced back to ancient Egypt, with the development of the electronic computer in 1941; the purposed of this technology was first spawned to create machine intelligence although not self reliant technology, the first computer was able to do mathematical computations. In 1949 the technology of computers advanced enabling computers to store programs and process data. From this technology the medium for A.I to become possible developed. The term artificial intelligence was first originated in 1956, at the Dartmouth conference, among many computer science experts.
             Although the computer provided the technology necessary for AI, it was not until in the late 1955's when two computer science specialists Newell and Simon developed a program called the Logic Theorist. This program allowed a computer to represent mathematical problems in a tree model, also capable of solving each problem independently by selecting the branch that would most likely be the correct answer. Although very simple in form this program was haled as a milestone development of A.I. technology.
             As a result of the Logic Theorist program further technological advancements by Newell and Simon enabled them to developed a new version of them original program in 1957 called the Gener

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